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All The Horror -> #1 Source For Everything Horror!

All The Horror: #1 Spot For All Survival Horror
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All The Horror

Welcome to All Things Horror! All Things Horror is dedicated to giving you the scoop on the latest happenings in the horror genre. From Resident Evil to Supernatural we got you covered. You'll find reviews, articles, pictures, trailers and plenty of discussion here at All Things Horror. You're more than welcome to hop in and post anything horror related!


1. TAGS. Please use tags every time you post something. If you're posting about a tv show, say...Medium, you write --> tv show: medium. If you're writing about a video game ---> game: silent hill (or whatever game it is you're writing about). Tags make it easier to find certain topics. It'll help everyone in the community.

2. You're allowed to post links to websites RELATED to this one...meaning, anything relating to survival horror. So if you're going to promote you're new community or website, make sure it has something to do with "horror" or else your post will be deleted.

3. Stay on topic. You can ask anything you want, post news, pictures, articles. Whatever. Just make sure it pertains to anything survival horror.

4. Please be courteous. You don't have to like each other but at least have respect.

5. When posting spoilers and/or large images, please use the Live Journal Cut. Not everyone has broadband internet and posting large images (or multiple images) without a cut is kind of rude and annoying. Also, there are many people here who have yet to see a movie or played a certain game, so when revealing "spoilers," also use the LJ-Cut.


jomel - Owner
solarsugar - Movie news contributor

Looking for someone who can contribute with horror GAME news and someone who can contribute with HORROR/SCI FI TV shows news. Please contact me if you're interested.




If you would like to affiliated with this community, please contact me with your website link and/or banner/button.

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